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It's trimmed with a vintage button. The sachet measures about 5" square and is filled with fragrant lavender from France. Lavender sachets are wonderful for: scenting closets and drawers placing beneath your pillow for sweet dreams calmness and relaxation keeping the moths away and they make beautiful gifts for friends, family, and yourself too!

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The work that went into the edging and embroidery is such a shame to waste. Filled with French lavender and buckwheat hulls enhanced with a touch of lavender oil.

Finished with a vintage button. Give the pillow a squeeze to release the scent. Each one is individual and one of a kind.

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Sachets make nice gifts. I dont follow blank blogs or blogs I just dont have anything in common with. Your welcome to visit and re post from me, but please dont write on pictures I post and dont copy and re-post them I can tell when you do that Thank you.

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Sadly, not any longer. The Sewing Collection Visit the post for more. Embellishment for Etsy A hand-sewn collage of vintage and antique lace trims, flourishes, bits and pieces Leave as-is for your project Of course it's prettier in person Lace is 's and earlier.

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Basically cottons, linens and silks Embellishment for crazy quilting, heirloom sewing, fabric art, books, journals, assemblage, Crazy Dating Site media A hand-sewn collage of vintage and antique lace trims, flourishes, bits and pieces Of course the lace collage is….